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Company name: ECO DIVERS - Société privée à responsabilité limitée.
Head Office : Rue Charles Jaumotte 29/31 - 1300 Wavre
Company number : BE0644713369
E-mail: ecodivers99(@)
Phone : +32470810566
Ste Web :

The personal data collected on the website, of the Private Limited Liability Company ECO DIVERS, result from their voluntary communication when submitting an electronic message or using the hotline.

The e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and personal information collected in this way are only used to enable us to communicate with you and, if necessary, to send you the requested information.

This personal data is not subject to any transfer or processing by S.P.R.L. ECO DIVERS, or any related persons.

You may obtain a copy of the data, or request its modification as authorised by article 16 of the RGPD (European General Regulation on Data Protection), by sending a request, in which your digital and legal identity must appear, to the following e-mail address: ecodivers99(@) .

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Our repairs are governed by the following terms and conditions. The customer acknowledges having read them and they are available on request.
Our quotations do not constitute a firm commitment, but are provided simply as an indication and subject to justified variations in the cost of
supplies and labour. The customer undertakes to pay the travel, dismantling and reassembly costs necessary to draw up the quotation, as well as
than the flat-rate costs for the establishment of the latter. If, in the course of the work, repairs and supplies other than those planned prove necessary, they would be subject to an additional estimate. If the estimate is accepted, the customer shall be required to pay the repairer, if the latter so requires, one third of the amount,
as a provision, or all of it if the customer wishes.
In the event of repairs at the customer's home after making an appointment by telephone, e-mail or message, an estimate will be given by telephone, e-mail or message.
The customer is informed of the hourly rate for labour and travel costs that apply. The customer's agreement to the repair is deemed to be acceptance of the quotation.
Any cancellation of an appointment must be made no later than 24 hours in advance. Failing this, a compensation of 50.00 euros will be invoiced to the customer. The technician is competent to decide on the decommissioning of the equipment (cost of repair greater than the value of the equipment). In this case, the intervention of the technician remains due by the customer.
Execution times depend on the delivery time of the parts needed to repair the equipment. If the delivery time is longer than one month, the customer will be notified. and will be able to recover the material, or cancel the repair request against payment of our fees. The purchase of a new appliance will be guaranteed for 2 years, a used (reconditioned) unit is 6 months on average, even 1 year. Delivery will sometimes be offered, and will always be no door, the installation of an appliance by our care will only be done on an existing installation, our guarantee stops at our device,
Parts whose replacement is necessary due to deterioration or wear and tear will be considered to have been abandoned by the customer and will be disposed of without
that the customer can claim them on delivery of the equipment. However, if the customer wishes these scrap parts to be handed over to him at the time of delivery of the
If this is not the case, we will not be held liable for any damage to the equipment, but in this case the customer must mention it when ordering repairs. if his request cannot be met.
Our repairs are payable in cash on pick-up, delivery of the equipment or on the way to your place of residence. Labour is invoiced at an hourly rate that is on average 60€/H, and announced and communicated at the time of the request. However, some operations are subject to a time-based rate
fixed rates for repair or displacement. For the first appointment, if a return is planned, there will be no travel expenses charged, but only the part.
and the labour force associated with it. The prices of supplies are those in force at the time of invoicing. Any delay in payment shall automatically result in a fixed compensation for late payment of 15% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of 25.00 euros as damages, in addition to interest for late payment of 8% per year from the date of sending the invoice in accordance with article 1152 of the Civil Code.
In the event of a dispute regarding the proper execution of the work requested, the customer must notify us immediately and enable us to make all necessary arrangements to ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.
useful findings. No complaints will be accepted five days after the sending of the invoice or five days after the collection or receipt of the material. In case of change parts on the unit and the problem persists. The dismantling of the incriminated part or organ, out of our presence, frees us from the problem.
of any liability. In any case, work carried out outside our workshops, or without our technician, is never taken into account. Under no circumstances
case, no compensation for immobilisation may be claimed for any reason whatsoever. The residual value of the appliance is reduced by 50% in the first year. and 30% per year thereafter, on the purchase price shown on the invoice, in the absence of an invoice there will be no residual value, in the case of guarantee
by Repair Electro, or in the event that we are held liable for an error on our part.
Repairs carried out by our technicians are guaranteed for three months from the date of delivery, or
All personal data provided by the customer is considered confidential and is only stored and processed within the framework of the
relationship between him and our company. They will not be sold or made available to third parties without the prior agreement of the customer. The data may however
be passed on to a partner involved in the fulfilment of our legal obligations or in the processing of the transaction with the customer (e.g. our
accountant, our supplier, a subcontractor...).
We undertake to take the best security measures to prevent unauthorised third parties from accessing personal data that
the customer would have communicated to us.
The customer always has the possibility to know the personal data in our possession and to ask for them to be modified or deleted.
to the extent that we comply with our legal obligations to retain data relating to business transactions. For further information, please contact
In this regard, please send your request to our head office ECO DIVERS Rue Charles Jaumotte 29/31 B-1300 Wavre.
These general conditions are governed by Belgian law.
The courts of Namur shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes between the customer and the repairer, seller.

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- Service provider: ECO DIVERS - Private limited company.
- Postal address: Rue Charles Jaumotte 29/31 - 1300 Wavre.
- VAT number: BE0644713369.
- Mention of the service: Technical assistance service.
- Marketing number: 090443001.
- Telephone number of the surcharged technical assistance service: 090 443 001.
- URL of the technical assistance service: .
- Belgian fixed-line telephone number for customer questions or complaints: 1,75 € per unit maximum.
• Numéro de téléphone belge fixe non surtaxé pour question ou plainte client : +32470810566 .
- Complaint: ECO DIVERS P.P.R.L. Rue Charles Jaumotte 29/31 - 1300 Wavre. Via E-mail: ecodivers99(@) .
- Start and end date of service: From February 2021, to an indefinite period.
- Language of the service: French.

Addresse :
Rue Charles Jaumotte 29/31
1300 Wavre

Av de Fré
Chée de Louvain
5004 BOUGE

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