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Household appliances

Our repairers work on all types of kitchen appliances of all brands, including washing machines, tumble dryers, piano cookers, etc. All brands, Bosch, Aeg, Whirlpool and Siemens, etc.



Does not keep its temperature, etc.

Lave-vaisselle REPAIRelectro

American fridges

Leaks, can no longer make ice cubes, etc.

Sèche-linge repairelectro


No more freezing, defrosting, etc.

Four repairelectro


Does not heat, faulty gas supply, etc.

Plaques de cuisson repairelectro


Induction glass-ceramic, does not start, etc.

Réfrigérateur repairelectro


Your dishwasher leaks, doesn't wash anymore, etc.

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Bathroom appliances

When the household appliances are out of order, our technical team is authorised to intervene on the bathroom appliances.
We answer your calls and come to your home from Monday to Saturday.


Washing machine

Leaking washing machine.
Starting problem.
Do not wash any more clothes.
No sound can be heard, no light is on.
Does not turn on. 



Your tumble dryer no longer dries
Does not start, no light on.
Loss of temperature control.
Starts, but drum does not rotate.
All lights are flashing. 

Our Guarantees

Repairs on equipment whose manufacturer or retailer guarantee has expired, carried out at home, are guaranteed for 3 months in the event of a subsequent breakdown of the same or similar nature.

Our aim is to give you the benefit of the best household appliance repair technologies. Thus our technicians have a detailed, up-to-date and exhaustive knowledge of products and new technical developments. To analyse faults quickly and accurately, our technicians have the most modern diagnostic tools at their disposal. We intervene quickly on all repairs.

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A quick and efficient diagnosis

By using a PC equipped with diagnostic support software
and complete electronic documentation.
The programming function, which updates the programmes of your
device (chip card transmission from the reader to the device),
including models with memory.

Fridge out of order?
Leaking washing machine?

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For an Electrical Appliance Repair at home.

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