Repair Electro


Our new Technical Support Service, is there for you!
Our Technical Support Service by phone,
it's a team of certified technicians at your disposal!

090 443 001

A small problem, nothing serious,
but I need help...

Designed to help you in the repair of your household appliances, the hotline is our informed opinion on your questions, when you are looking for your repair solutions.

repair electro service technique
Repair yourself

Welcome to the world of resourcefulness.

Our new Technical Support Service is here for you!


Resourceful, or a repairman at heart, nothing can resist you, and certainly not a leak !

But in spite of this, questions remain!
How do I remove this!
How do I replace this easily!
Which part should I start with!
Where do I find replacement parts?
Or is it simply repairable?
Like a certified Repair REPAIR ELECTRO !

Our Technical Assistance Service via telephone is a team of certified technicians, able to help you understand the subtleties, and actions to take, in order to solve your problem, by yourself.

For all our interventions at home

You can call 090 443 001

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